We are the new age preschool at Tumkur with a blend of versatile natural teaching techniques. We are introducing specialisation in Sanskrit from the initial stage of children's development. So that the importance is given to Indian Heritage Values. Our School has good Outdoor and Indoor Space with Natural Sunlight which is very vital for the natural development of Children and sufficient Play Area makes way for ample physical activities for the childrens development.


A Fresh Thought in Pre-School

Kids Universe is a Unique Place for Early Education which is gaining more popularity due to the Learning required at the intial stage of a Child's Development. We are here to walk along with the childrens by showing them the Right Path. A child can frame its Future with good habits, knowlege and gain more attention with its skills. We don't Emphasise only on Education we believe in Co-Curricular Activities which helps in childrens interest development with overall aspects of Learning.



They are small & They are fun, But none can match upto their energy levels. Its all about making them concentrate on their activities and learn through playing. Its important to put the Proper Foundation before Constructing a Valuable Future.
Eligible Age: 1 Year 10 Months to 2 Years 10 Months


This is the time when the Learning takes a leap towards Speaking - Basic Reading - Basic Writing. Its all about nurturing them with care to understand the importance of all the above.
Eligible Age: 2 Years 10 Months to 3 Years 10 Months


The Important stage in starting Formal Pre-Primary Education. We need to access every children's capacity to take them forward towards a discipline. This is where childrens starts thinking about basics of computing, reasoning which helps in developing a Bright Future.
Eligible Age: 3 Year 10 Months to 4 Years 10 Months


This is the year of Prepartion to Jumpstart the Primary Education. With all the quality foundation layed in the early years a child must be capable of understanding and co-relating the new learning with the previous learnings and get ready for the Primary Education.
Eligible Age: 4 Years 10 Months to 5 Years 10 Months


Every Working Parent without any backing of good caretakers can approach us to take care of your childrens with proper care and nurturing.
Eligible Age: Above 1 Year 10 Months.


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